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The Breville Lift and Look is the Best Toaster in the World!

Breville Lift and Look Touch Toaster

Breville Lift and Look Touch Toaster


Are you looking for the best toaster in the world?  Quite a number of people have asked that same question, so at Kitchen Essentials, we decided to make this a special project.   As usual, we relied on reviews and best seller lists from three of our favorite online stores:  Amazon, Cooking.com, and Wayfair.com.  In our experience, the ratings from these stores do not always match so cross-comparison is important.  Furthermore, like everything else, one has to consider the essential features of a great toaster:

Best Toaster for Bagels


At our online store, we included the basic no-frills Proctor-Silex 22605 2-Slice Toaster in our Basic Kitchen Equipment List.  We still like the P-S 2-Slice Toaster, but because the difference in price is marginal, we would now favor either the Proctor-Silex 2-Slice Bagel Toaster or the Black and Decker TR1256B 2-Slice with Bagel Function.  Both of these toasters have extra-wide slots and also the capability to warm the exterior of the bagel at the same time that the inner cut-side is being toasted.  Nowadays users appreciate the bagel function and it addresses another expectation:

Best Toaster for English Muffins

Black and Decker 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function

Black and Decker Toaster

Ideally, an English muffin should be toasted in the same manner as a bagel.  That is, the cut surface is toasted while the exterior surface is only warmed.  Toasting the hard exterior surface only makes it tougher.  Therefore, for toasting English muffins, we essentially have a choice between the two toasters with the bagel function.  The Black and Decker and the Proctor-Silex are both rated very highly (4 stars on Amazon).  The B & D is slightly less expensive and also an Amazon Best Seller.  It is available in black as well as white.  Although none of the foregoing qualify as the best toaster in the world, each is a worthy alternative.


Great Alternatives:


Proctor-Silex 22605 2-Slice Toaster

Black and Decker 2-Slice Toaster with Bagel Function

Proctor-Silex 2-Slice Bagel Toaster


Any of these toasters will be excellent purchases.  However, in our estimation, the truly best toaster in the world must have several other features:

Best Toaster for Long Bread Slices


People who want great toast often purchase sourdough and other artisan breads which are longer in length than standard bread.   Furthermore, the technology that is available on the best toasters is considerably more advanced compared to the basic toasters described above.  For example, the best toasters available today generally have a defrost function.  When toasting frozen waffles or frozen bread, the defrost function insures a more even toasting.  For this and other reasons, the "best toaster in the world" has to be the Breville Lift and Look Touch Toaster.

Best Toaster in the World! 

Breville Lift and Look Touch Toaster

The Breville has several features that set it apart from other hi-tech toasters.  For example, the Breville has the Lift and Look function which automatically lifts the bread so that the degree of toasting can be assessed.  If necessary, the degree of browning can easily be increased by another cool feature of the Breville - the A Bit More function.
 The Breville Lift and Look has a lift function that is completely automated and lifts the bread much higher compared to most other toasters.  How many times has someone burned their fingers trying to retrieve a piece of toast?  With the high lift of the Breville, the possibility of burned fingers is eliminated.  The toasting slot is also deep which makes toasting more even.  Because the slots are long, the toaster can actually do either two slices of long bread or four slices of standard bread at the same time. 
As you might expect, the Breville Lift and Look has a bagel function as well as a defrost function.  Users also appreciate the LED monitor which tracks the toasting process.  No more waiting and wondering if the toast is about ready.  Furthermore, toasting to your personal preference can be easily accomplished because the controls are electronic rather than mechanical.  In other words, once you decide what setting results in the degree of toasting that you prefer, you simply use the same setting each time and the result is always the same.   Last, but not least, the Breville is a stylish addition to your countertop. 
The Breville Lift and Look is available at Amazon, Cooking.com, and Wayfair.  At the time of this writing, the price was identical at all three online stores.  Breville toasters are often out of stock so it is convenient to have more than one source.  Purchase a Breville Lift and Look from Wayfair  or go to Cooking.com for a Breville 4-slice Lift & Look Touch Toaster  

What about a Toaster with an Egg Cooker?


Back-to-Basics Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster

Egg-and-Muffin Toaster

One of the most popular toasters today is the Back-to-Basics Egg-and-Muffin 2-Slice Toaster.  In fact, the Back-to-Basics Egg-and-Muffin toaster is a Best Seller at Amazon and is one of the most highly-rated toasters (4.8 on a scale of 5) at Wayfair.   It is available in a 2-Slice as well as a 4-slice style.  The toaster is no doubt excellent, but bear in mind that the popularity is in large part due to the convenience of having an egg cooker incorporated into the appliance.  People who travel or students that live in a dorm really appreciate a dual function toaster/egg cooker.  However, as an alternative approach, one could simply use the Nordicware Egg ‘n Muffin to microwave an egg and prepare a toast or muffin with one of the toasters listed above.  The Eggs’ n Muffin Breakfast Pan is enormously popular and rated very highly at all three online stores.  A Breakfast Pan costs just a few dollars and you can prepare a satisfying breakfast in just a couple of minutes!
What do you think?  What is the best toaster in the world for your household?  Please write your comments below and share this post with your friends.  Happy toasting!

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